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Women’s Physicians of Jacksonville is Proud Sponsor My 26.2 Within 26.2 Marathon

Women’s Physicians of Jacksonville is proud to sponsor the My 26.2 Within 26.2 event hosted by the Rotary Club of Bartram Trail. This unique marathon benefits The Betty Griffin Center which offers protection and quality services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The goal of the marathon is to raise funds to support […]


Do Uterine Polyps Cause Pain?

For many women, experiencing pain or unexplained changes in their menstrual cycle can be a source of worry and uncertainty. Women may think that pain or abnormal and unpredictable menstrual cycles are difficulties that they must suffer through as they age, but it’s important to see your physician and get the proper care as a […]


What Are Fibroids?

Fibroids (also called uterine myoma) are noncancerous growths that can develop during a woman’s childbearing years. Though they aren’t dangerous, they can cause discomfort, especially during menstruation. Fibroids range in size from very tiny (undetectable to the human eye) to large masses that can distort the size and shape of the uterus. The symptoms of […]


What Causes Ovary Pain?

The ovaries produce and release the eggs necessary for fertilization. It’s common for women to experience pain in one or both ovaries throughout their monthly menstrual cycle. Some ovary pain causes are harmless, while others are quite serious and require immediate medical attention. Below, we’ll outline some common ovary pain causes so that you can […]

What Is an Ovarian Cyst?

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs in an ovary, or on its surface. Most ovarian cysts are small and harmless, causing little if any discomfort and disappearing on their own after a few months. Larger cysts, however, can be more problematic—causing pain and more serious complications. Below we’ll examine ovarian cyst symptoms and examine some of […]

What Are the Symptoms of Menopause?

Menopause can be a stressful time for women as they try to accommodate the changes that their bodies experience with age. While the female body is no stranger to hormone level fluctuations, women often experience various menopausal symptoms as they reach midlife and can find it to be overwhelming.   Often women can feel uncertain […]

What is Dyspareunia?

Pain during sex is a common issue experienced by many women today. Women experiencing this pain frequently face negative impacts on their quality of life and relationships. It’s important not to let fear or embarrassment keep you from seeking medical treatment, or the information you need about the root causes of painful intercourse.   The […]

What Not to Eat During Pregnancy

There’s no denying that every woman’s pregnancy is different, and your needs change based on who you are. However, keeping with a healthy diet is one of the few aspects of pregnancy that does not change. It’s essential to know what foods you should be eating during pregnancy—as well as which ones you shouldn’t. Women’s […]

Endometriosis Symptoms and Causes

The Painful Truth Your health should always be your number one priority. Understanding any condition that could be affecting your body, including any illnesses, disorders, or possible infections you could have, is critical for taking control of your health. When it comes to women’s health, endometriosis is a disorder that plagues women around the world. […]

What makes a pregnancy high-risk?

A pregnancy is considered high-risk if there are conditions that could possibly threaten the life or health of the mother or fetus. High-risk pregnancies require additional monitoring and care by specialty medical providers. With early detection and proper prenatal care, it is possible for women experiencing high-risk pregnancies to deliver happy, healthy babies without complications. […]

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